WIR Project

WIR Project

Welcome and Integration Process for Refugees in Europe (WIR project) covers the most important and challenging theme that nowadays the European Union and its members are facing: the migration phenomenon and the welcoming and integration of refugees. A large partnership composed of 7 European countries (Sweden, Italy, Latvia, Germany, Spain, Austria, Finland) with 6 public authorities, 2 associations and one University.

A comprehensive European partnership representing different European realities on the North/South-West/East axes with very different approaches to the migration theme.
Considering the migration phenomenon as the prime issue that the EU is called to face
project activities can be developed and implemented through the cooperation of organisations of different nature: local authorities, associations, NGOs and University.

Project’s Objectives:

– To increase knowledge about the EU strategy and approach towards refugees and asylum seekers based on the European Agenda for Migration
– To increase knowledge about the processes of welcoming and integrating refugees in the partnering countries
– To exchange best practices and compare European experiences on focus themes like, education and schooling, getting ready to work, cooperation with civil society and unaccompanied minors
– To transfer or adapt new models for welcoming and integrating refugees
– To create a tool explaining to the citizens the different approaches at work in the different EU countries

Yousef Ajaj

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