Orbus- Orchestring Business for Newcomers

Orbus is a development program for newly arrived entrepreneurs and companies. The program is based on newcomers needs and prerequisites. Orbus was created to supplement the already existing business support system, and besides inclusive business advice, support the connection to the existing system and existing networks.
The project is funded by Västra Götalandsregionen and Trollhättan Stad.

Orbus StartUp

Are you an entrepreneur and have plans to Start a business? We offer you business advise and guidance that goes through the important parts that are required before starting a business. We also offer you a chance to create a network and make new business contacts.

Orbus NextStep

Do you own a business and want to develop it with a long-term and sustainable perspective? Orbus Nextstep is a business development program that is aimed at young companies. Here we offer individualized guidance by our supervisors, which can be supplemented with networking meetings and study visits for existing entrepreneurs.

Orbus Drop-in
Orbus Drop-In offers quick business guidance and advice to those who have plans to start a business or you who are already entrepreneurs.
Mondays 13:00-16:00, Nohangatan 18A, Trollhättan

Wednesdays 13:00-16:00,  Drottninggatan 12, Vänersborg

Why Orbus is unique?

Support Group Network understands the value of understanding different cultural backgrounds and has a large network amongst foreign-born which makes the project unique.
The guidance can be given in Swedish or other languages if needed.

Ziyad Tarek

For booking, questions or more information, contact the project manager Ziyad Tarek: 

Email: Ziyad.tarek@supportgroup.se
Tel: +46 73-083 09 83