Double Cup  

What is Doublecup?

Double Cup creates integration and networking through personal and simple workplace meetings. This happens with a cup of coffee between the Future Guide (Person from Company / Organization) and Candidate (Newcomers or asylum seeker). The future guide will be mentoring for one hour. With their knowledge and experience of how the Swedish labor market works, questions that the candidate may have answered. Perhaps the Future Guide has contacts in their network that can help the candidate further career and socially. Download the annual report for more information.
The project is funded by Västra Götalandsregionen and Trollhättan Stad 

What is Doublecup Future?
DoubleCup future is a development for DoubleCup project. The purpose of this project is to match new arrivals to job or internship location.
Where is Doublecup right now?
Most of Doublecup meetings and activities are in Trollhättan.
Who can participate?
All asylum seekers and new comers can participate.

Why DC Future is unique?

For many employers, finding the
right skills is a challenge and one of
the reasons is the matching problem with existing workforce. Therefore, DoubleCup has recently begun the
expansion of a job placement with a
focus on newcomers' employability.
The pilot project is developing a new process for candidate search and
selection of new arrivals that can be
matched to specific services at your
company / organization.

Nour Almardoud

For more information or to apply for the project visit
If you are a candidate or have questions, contact the project manager Nour Almardoud:

Tel: +46 79-339 67 13